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By Michele Dollfuss

Vladimir Levitt, composer of modern classical music
Vladimir Levitt

I was standing in a long corridor in a hotel when I saw him coming and I said: ”this man I want”. I had been divorced already for 14 years and had given up of ever finding a suitable man for me, but he, Vladimir Levitt, was IT. In all of our 25 years of living together I never regretted it. I had for a long time been saying ”the next man has to have written at least one book”. Vladimir Levitt had already written lots of music even if he in his last years complained ”why did I use up my time for so many other things”.

vladimir levitt and Michele Dollfuss
Vladimir Levitt and Michele Dolfuss

Vladimir Levitt came to Israel in 1991, after glasnost in the Soviet Union, from Tbilissi, Georgia, where he was born, to Jewish parents. His father Avreli Levitt was a journalist and writer. I had beforehand already started learning Russian, so I knew some when I met Vladimir, we were able to somehow comunicate. I wanted a man with imagination, this I had found in Vladimir Levitt.

Since the age of 6 Vladimir was enrolled in the conservatory of Tbilissi learning the violin. He was than already called “Beethoven” by his teachers. Growing up and after having played the violin at the Tbilissi opera for a few years, he went back to school to learn composition at the same conservatory. A few years later it was not enough of learning for him and he went to Sverdlovsk, todays Yakterinenburg, to study conducting under Maestro Paverman.

Michele Dollfuss

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