Vladimir Levitt
Vladimir Levitt 1934-2017

Vladimir Levitt was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1934. Finished there the Conservatory as violinist and composer, and the Sverdlousk Conservatory as conductor. He played in different orchestras and ensambles, and was conductor of opera and concert halls. Teacher of conservatory and music schools. Immigrated to Israel in 1991Read more

The Poisoned Cloak” an opera in two acts based on the tragedy by Nikolai Gumileyev or the opera Buffa ”Disputation” after Heinrich Heine.

He has written several grand operas, amongst others. Read about his compositions during his lifetime.

A Requiem by Anna Achmatova in memory of Raoul Wallenberg or a story for children ”Pinocchio” .Two Mono operas which have been both performed, one in concert and one on stage one stage by the Tornedalsteatern in Laino, sung by Carina Henriksson.
One duett ”Donna Clara” a poem by Heinrich Heine

Vladimir Levitt wrote many pieces for beginners, which he composed specially for a teacher for violin. Vladimir Levitt’s works have been printed in the Soviet Union and by Andel in Belgium, where you can buy his music sheets and by others in France and USA.

Furthermore Vladimir Levitt has deposited his music with Acum in Israel (acum.il) and Stim (stim.se) in Sweden.

Life is a passing sequence, we have to take it with joy and lots of jokes. Please listen to his music always with the thought of a smile in your face. Several of his pieces you can find on Youtube under ”VladimirLevitt”.