Vladimir Levitt 1934-2017. Some composition by Vladimir Levitt. You can find all his work at: and

sheet music from Vladimir Levitts composision
Sheet music från Levitts composision

13 Melodies from Jewish Folklore for a begining Pianist Educational Solo
13 Pieces Various Levels, for a begining pianist Chamber Music/ Ensemble
6 Miniatures , for string quartet or string orchestra (from Jewish folklore) Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Orchestra
Capriccio for Flute Solo  
Concerto  String Orchestra
Concerto Grosso No.1 Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music/ Ensemble
Concerto Grosso No.2, for flute  Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra 
Concerto Grosso No.3, for string orchestra String Orchestra
Dispute, a one-act comic opera
Divertissement for Flute, Bassoon & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble   
Divertissement for Violin, Viola&Cello Chamber Music/Ensemble,String Trio 
Donna Clara, Ein Liebes Duett für Soprano, Bariton & Piano    Chamber Music / Ensemble Vocal 
Duet for Flute & Bassoon  Chamber Music / Ensemble 
Improvisation for Clarinet Solo 
Love isn’t Potato, for bass & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble,Vocal
Partita No.2, for flute, strings & percussion Solo instrument(s)+Orchestra, String Orchestra
Partita, for flute & string orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra
Piano Album for Children   Chamber Music / Ensemble
Pinocchio, Suite for storyteller & string quartet or orchestra Chamber Music/Ensemble, String Quartet
Small Triptych, for flute &clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble
Sonata for Two Bassoons Chamber Music / Ensemble
Sonata for Two ViolinsChamber Music / Ensemble
Sonata for Viola Solo Solo
Sonata No.1-2 for Flute Solo  Solo
Sonata-Duet in Old Maniere, for two flutes(or flute & oboe)  Chamber Music / Ensemble
Sonatina for Bassoon Solo  Solo
Sonatina, for a begining pianist Educational, Solo
String Quartet No. 1-5 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet
String Trio, for violin, viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble   
Tenderness, mono-opera for soprano, piano & flute (doubling flute in G) Voice and ensemble
The Poisoned Cloak, an opera in 2 acts for vocal soloistsVoice and Orchestra, String Orchestra, Opera
The Silent Nightingale, for bass & piano Chamber Music /Ensemble,Vocal
Two Little Duets for Clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble