Michele Dollfuss

Michele Dollfuss and her painting
Michele Dollfuss – the Violinplayer, akryl

Michèle Dollfuss born in 1942 in Berlin, fled with her parents to Sweden from East Germany in 1952. Studied art in Reybekiel’s art school, and an external student in Konstfack, the arts and craft school and at Bezalel in Jerusalem.

Galleri of Art

Group Exhibitions:
1972-2000 at Khutot Hayotser, Jerusalem
1973-2000 Congress Hall, Jerusalem
1973-2000 Old town Jerusalem
1993-2000 Moses House, Jerusalem
1991-2000 Jerusalem Theatre
2002-2014 Various galleries in the Old Town, Stockholm etc

Culture House Ashdod, Israel
Filharmonien, Tomsk, Siberia
Bank of Israel, Jerusalem
Waingeroffs HouseTiberias, Israel
Jewish Centre, Stockholm
Gustav Vasa Church, Stockholm
Engelbrekts Church , Stockholm
Gallerie Klein Trebbow, Germany
Gallerie Budnerei, Lehsten, Germany
Philip Neri Haus, Neuenrade, Germany
Gallerie Oren, Berlin, Germany
Gallerie Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Bonhoeffer Haus, Berlin, Germany
Deutscher Dom, Berlin, Germany etc
Vendelsö Church, Stockholm
Gallerie Bellange, Stockholm
Norwegian Church , Stockholm
Sofia Church, Stockholm